1. Who needs a creche?

Ans:- All working mother needs a creche.

2. Why do mother need to put their kids in a creche?

Ans:- Mother's (Homemake / Working) need a creche as everyone needs sometime to relax from their daily routine.

3. Why should homemaker keep her kid at baby sitting / utilize baby sitting facilities?

Ans:- It is not convinent to carry a child around when you go for shopping, dentist, beauty parlor. Kids left with the baby sitter a far more happy and save than in a croweded environment where they have nothing to do.

4. Why do we need a play school?

Ans:- Children at home are usually with their mother, grandparents or aunts. They are unable to interact with their pears. They feel restless and bored. At home parents are unable to keep their kids occupied. Eventually the easy way to keep children still parents, switch on the television. So, at an early age kids are hooked on to television. At a play school children learns rhymes, play with toys and get a chance to interact with their own age group. This is definitely a healthy environment for a growing child.

5. Why do we need a day care?

Ans:- Working parents can depend on day care if provides all the facilities for their kids while they are at work. Children who go to any other school can also join moms day care. Moms day care is open for all kid(Those who goes other school).

6. How do we know our childrens are safe?

Ans:- Childrens are always kept under strict watch and supervision of our office and security staff.

7. Do you take proper care of the children?

Ans:- Yes, our ayaas are all experienced and we do background check of all before giving them the job.

8. Do you let the children involve in other activities?

Ans:- Yes, we teach younger children rhymes, poems, read stories and play games and many other activities.

9. Do you have the proper infrastructure  for the children?

Ans:- Yes, we do have the basic infrastructure and other amenities required for child care and keep them engaged throughout the day.


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Welcome To Moms Day Care. Moms Day Care aims to encourage a child to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine.The program shows two warm, caring people taking the time to be with one child.


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